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Vistage works, and the proof is in the professional successes and personal achievements of our members. These CEOs and business owners demonstrate time and again the meaning of the Vistage platform: a powerful competitive edge, strong and sustainable growth, smarter decision-making, extraordinary business results.

Our members hail from diverse industries and geographies, yet they share a common experience when interacting with Vistage Chairs, peer advisory groups and our global network. They find a powerful community who equips and inspires them to grow their businesses — and themselves.

Take a moment to meet some of our Vistage members

Rhoda Olsen
CEO, Great Clips

Vistage worked with Rhoda to rapidly increase the number of Great Clips franchises while maintaining company-wide brand standards.

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Greg Fricks
Owner, The Fricks Company

Greg’s Vistage group helped him convince his father that he was ready to grow the family business.

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David Cabeau
CEO, Cabeau Inc.

Vistage helped David grow a clever travel pillow into a major international player in the travel products industry.

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“One of the benefits of Vistage is the ability to have a diverse group with no competing interests. We might ask each other difficult questions, but that is so we can offer help and all think deeply about what we need.”

Chris Cordaro
CEO Regent Atlantic Wealth Management

Chris Sugai
President, Niner Bikes

Chris literally reinvented the wheel. He turned to Vistage to grow his company while preserving its culture.

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Sandy Marsico
CEO, Sandstorm Design

As Sandy’s Chicago-based design firm grew, so did its internal conflicts and her need for advice from CEOs who’d been there before.

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Mercy Steenwyk
President & CEO, ForensisGroup

Vistage guided Mercy on her journey from industry-disrupting entrepreneur to effective CEO.

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Jay Steinfeld

“Everyone I’ve recommended to join Vistage can benchmark our joining Vistage as the beginning of marked improvements in each of our companies’ profitability and upward trends. Now, not being in Vistage would be risky.”

Becky Sunseri
CEO, Tin Pot Creamery

A pastry chef with a life-long ice-cream obsession serves Super Bowl sundaes.

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Brad Lupien
President & CEO, arc

Brad learned that helping underserved youth and sustainable business can go hand-in-hand.

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Mark Laufer
CEO, Laufer Group

Mark turned to Vistage to help his management team collaborate to overcome the challenges of a rapidly growing business.

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“Vistage builds leaders. It is impactful, and we get better every month with every meeting. For me, and so many others, it has been the difference that makes a difference.”

– Jefferey Dudan
CEO, AdvantaClean

Charles Antis
President, Antis Roofing & Waterproofing

Vistage helped Charles beat the California drought and create a workplace that appealed to millennial workers.

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James Iacino
CEO, Seattle Fish Company

When James inherited the Seattle Fish Company, he had big shoes to fill. With Vistage, he doubled his family’s century-old business in size.

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Pamela Sharar-Stoppel
President and CEO, Wheaton Bank and Trust Co.

Mergers can create employee turmoil. With her Vistage group, Pamela developed a leadership strategy and workplace culture to win over her new employees.

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“Seven years ago I took over my family’s chemical manufacturing business and found it teetering on the edge of operational and financial collapse. Today we are a strong, vibrant and profitable company. This turnaround would not have been possible without the support, advice and training provided by my Vistage Chair and group members. We literally owe Vistage our life!”

– Kate Donahue
President, Hampford Research

John Maier
President and CEO, Blue Microphones

John Maier had always been a doer. His Vistage group encouraged him to focus on big picture decisions, with big results.

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Dan Rootenberg
President, SPEAR Physical Therapy

With Vistage, Dan gained the leadership skills and marketing strategy to outmaneuver his competition and grow three-fold.

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Brian Cescolini
Executive Chairman, Universal Protection Services

Brian and his Vistage group grew a successful security firm into one of the nation’s largest employers.

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