Larry Short  

Southeast Michigan
Vistage Chair since 1991

“I eventually discovered that my purpose in life was to make a difference in other’s lives. Being a Vistage Chair is my vehicle to live out my life’s purpose.”

Following a long and successful career as manager, CEO and business owner, Larry Short became a Vistage Chair in 1991. He currently chairs a Chief Executive group. He also serves as a consultant, facilitator and speaker, having worked with public and private sector organizations on strategic planning, problem solving, decision-making and other topics.

In 1970, Short founded Creative Universal, Inc., which grew to become a $20 million company of more than 400 professionals, specializing in performance-based instruction in all media. He sold the company to Masco in 1989. Prior to that he managed profit centers for several companies and conducted workshops on dozens of topics for hundreds of organizations.

Short’s Vistage Michigan members and clients benefit from the combination of his in-depth knowledge of the principles of human behavior and his ability to effectively clarify the core of complex situations. These, along with his extensive experience in founding and maintaining a substantial and successful business, enable him to be a most effective listener, coach, advisor and teacher/facilitator.