Richard Beadle

Vistage Michigan
Founder and Co-Owner

“I have been involved with TEC Detroit; now Vistage Michigan for over 38 years. The process we utilize continues to fit the way I like to work in the world, in order to make a difference. But, the true essence of this experience comes “packaged” in the unique quality of the Chairs, individuals, about whom, I have heard members say some variation of the expression: “I like me better, when I’m with you”.

Richard Beadle is the founder and co-owner of TEC Detroit/Vistage Michigan and was its president for 27 years. He is also a World Partner of Vistage International. He started the first Chief Executive group in Detroit in 1976.

During his tenure as president, the organization grew from that initial group to several groups containing over 135 members. In addition, he launched the KEY Executive Program, and Trusted Advisor Program. In 2002, he turned the reigns over to Peggy Beadle in order to devote his full-time energies to business development.

Prior to establishing TEC Detroit/Vistage Michigan, Richard was involved in the field of public education for 15 years, at both the secondary and community college level. He continues to pursue his passion for education today through his active involvement with Cornerstone Schools, a Detroit based alternative to the public school system. He holds a B.A. from Western Michigan University and a master's degree in education from Wayne State University.